Babytron – Larry Lobster Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I could lose both hands, wouldn’t drop the bag
Slam dunk to your bitch i’m Juwanna Mann
Fire Stick, heat ‘em up like a lava lamp
I just turned my cream soda to a Baja Blast
And what you gotta know, I am not a ham
Don’t let this haircut fool you, i’ll pop his ass
Call me Jimmy Neutron, let the rocket blast
I think 2021 ima drop a lamb
Bro cut as hell, throw some scissors at him
Bro came through shooting like Swizzomatic
I’m the scam prince, bitch i’m living lavish
Got his bank login, and made digits vanish
And i’m feeling like Zues, i’m with the static
Good Saks Fifth, it used to be Mr.(?)
You are not an All-star, need a little practice
Ham ass lil girl, Boy that bitch a sandwich
And if it’s beef? Of course we on that
All these punches, all these slides, Mortal Kombat
Talking bout that one time? I’m beyond that
So deep in that bag, that’s where Tron at
And what you got at now, I ain’t leaving ever
Playing with the fraud, I ain’t ever seen a tester
That lil bitch bald headed, she need a vender
And if it’s up, then it’s stuck, we can meet wherever
But if we meet wherever, you gon meet Jesus
I don’t play with the Masters, I keep Visas
I want a Lamb chop, I don’t eat pizza
I think i’m finna come Wraith, boy this Jeep tweekin’
Feeling blessed on the site, I’m a peace deacon
Should’ve known you was soft writing peace treaties
If she see me in this fit, she gon eat semen
Bro riding round with that Brrr he keep tweekin’
Lyin’ to these hoes, Hakuna Matata
Seen two opps, wrapped them up, that’s two enchiladas
Bro got a bulldog, I should hoop organzaga
Don’t even slide down, Ima shoot yo’ Impala
Human torch with the cards, i’m using lava
Whole gang turnt up, who the f**k gon stop them?
And we can be Faygo, who the f**k gon pop us?
We can hit rock bottom, who the f**k gon top us?
Dwayne Johnson with the scams, i’m the peoples champ
Two sticks causing fires, I don’t need to camp
Cappin’ ass boy, where the f**k yo’ beanie at?
Having withdrawals from the bank, boy I need to scam
Breastfeeding with the chop, throw some titties on it
Had yo’ bitch rub my back ‘cause the city on it
Bro threw me a beat, I jumped shitty on it
And ima win, ima put all my giffy’s on it
Winner, like come on i’m Giffy Rubio
Tryna play with me? Boy stick to Yu-gi-oh
I’m a fire bender when I hit the studio
Bend her over and you know I did the fooley bro
And I can’t lose power, I got jumper cables
Seen an opp at Ruth’s Chris, ima jump the tables
Wish I can time travel, that’s (?)
Shout to to Comcast, I punched the cable
Only punch online, I don’t throw fits
Only choke on mines, she don’t blow dick
Man you know that I’m lying, she on hoe shit
Something like a bitch with no ass, I won’t switch
And I’m like 6” 1′ in the Timberlands
6” 8′ on the paint, bitch I been the shit
And ima leave the hoe dizzy when I spin the bitch
Turned nothing into something on some wizard shit
I’m a wizard with the fraud feel like Harry Potter
Knocked the bitch out the park ima Barry Bonds her
Smoking strong ass cook, this some Larry Lobster
And my bitch work magic, she Mary Poppins

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