Gowe – From My Window Lyrics

[Verse 1: GOWE]
They say that music is a reflection of the heart yeah
And my soul is entrenched into the arts there
So regardless of my rhyme schemes or flow for this record
I take the lessons from my life and write life with this second
Its so simple but its hard for me to understand
Plans that are beyond my comprehension
My mom used to love the fact that i played on the keys
But the second the piano spoke life and became my degree
It had to stop why? because it didn’t fit right
Count the endless nights where the whole dream was a fist fight
Enticed by the immigrant mindset it’s sick ridiculous
Beats that i played stayed in my mind state intrinsically
And then the passion became my whole symphony
I felt the words lift off and became hymns to me
And so i patiently paint pain on my page of beats
Pacing back and forth while this whole port wrestles by the sea

[Verse 2L GOWE]
They say that music’s a gateway to the soul
When i remove any blocks that’ll chop me down
I blossom with benevolence i could sit here for hours
Paint the whole town from my window
Oldies on blast with a gold jam that’ll spin slow
I bump that nujabes jazz hop til infinity
Until my interest it enters into the energy
Integrated with matrix slated tasted so fragrantly
In the face of tazor razor blading until it’s safe to see
Or maybe just to breathe i often ponder on pour sales artistically
It doesn’t register steer clear of the talented
Right into the vandalists stay paid for the damages
What? i guess my mindstates irrational
I thought heart was needed and real art was the
Natural course and then the flavors would pour out with my brothers
I love my sisters this whole piece is a picture…

[Verse 3: GOWE]
They say that music’s a large part of our lives
Survival of the fittest when i get pushed into the brim of my existence
Intrinsic alone when its me i and my headphones
I take trips where i grip on when i tread low i see
The medicine labeled on it is ‘heaven sent’ thinking back
On my genesis slipping back on the elements of what
Is comfortable growing up feeling negligence
Papa would strive for excellence artists were always prevalent
And so i learned what was taught inside of illmatic
A pen as an automatic with portraits as painted classics
I had to begin the story of an immigrant Asian American
Intelligent aided but ain’t it so relevant?
I mean im sick of performance when I’ve earned
The proper letter grade traded my ocean of affection
Pouring out of me how do i hide this side of me
Patiently walking quietly baby i feel you mightily

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