Ivy Sole – Victory Lap Lyrics


Flow heavy yeah I’m feeling kinda husky
You con the people, got them thinking you can touch me
Nothing but a bluff, see, I see snow in your eyes
But this ice in my veins will turn your flurries to fries
You in a hurry for heys, but see the quickest goodbyes
We aiming for longevity, ain’t no surprise
That sky ain’t the limit, when Eden calling my name
Got a heavenly disposition when it comes to this game
To the victor goes the spoils
So while I’m busy taking my lap
The music is waking sleepers from the longest of naps
It’s the deepest of slumbers til you put numbers on the board
Acting like the shit but the plumbers you ignore
In the trenches for the interest and the dividends
Spreading vibes ‘cuz we infinite
Getting love off the strength and the weight of the penmanship

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