Julia Lucille – Plot Of Ground Lyrics

You’re too much for me, I’ll go now
And if you want me I’ll be at the bar
Oh our love, is it gone?

Well I’ll go now, you’ve stopped asking me to stay
You’ve wrestled me down and I’ve spit in your face
Oh our love is it gone?

I know you’ve got a new girl
Guess I should care but I don’t
I just wish that I could sleep
I just wish that I could eat
We are not growing apart
I’ve just lost my broken heart
We used to f*ck all the time
Now we just fight out of line

When I broke your heart
I slid down to the floor
When I broke your heart

You bolted the door
Oh our love, is it gone?

You seem determined to squeeze
The last drop of love out of me
If you just beg me enough
I’ll learn to live with what I’ve got
Our house our neighborhood street
Our bed the food that we eat
Our instruments strewn around
Our little shit plot of ground
Now I won’t let you hold my hand
All practicality be damned
I want to sleep in hotels
I want to drive like hell

If I keep on working and I bow my head
Will you take me to where I most want to be led?

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