Kt Tunstall – The Healer Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Count one, count two, you see what you wanna see
Count 3, count 4, it’ll start to morph
Count 5, count 6, there’s a tangible difference
And I don’t need to say any more
‘Cause you feel it
You feel it

So I’ll take my pride and I’ll throw it on the fire
Shed my clothes off until I’m just bones
And I’ll ask myself, the question over and over
Do I love myself enough that I can love, anybody else?
Anybody else?
Somebody else?

Particles and molecules and love and I begin to disperse
Your medicine is everything I need, you’re the healer

[Verse 2]
Show me worlds, never could imagine
Left their memory of who I am
And every decision that I ever made
Grows and undergoes a transformation
Like a crystal in a cave
Like a crystal in a cave, just like a crystal in a cave

And I can see myself looking from the future
And I smile upon all the mistakes I’ve made
This DNA, spirals everlasting
And I realize that all I have to do
Is remember the way
Remember the way
Oh, remember the way

‘Cause I’m helium and oxygen
And everyone and nothing hurts
I’ve gotta learn from you
I’ve gotta burn on through
You’re the healer, you’re the healer, you’re the healer

Oh, I’ve gotta learn, gotta learn, gotta learn from you
Gotta burn, gotta burn, gotta burn
You’re the healer, you’re the he-healer, you’re the healer

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